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Ann Marie Navar

April 2, 2019

Well curated selection of jewelry ranging from classic to modern styles, with transparent prices- including hard to find designers. Staff are friendly, nonjudgmental, and helpful. Custom work by their in-house goldsmith is very well priced, the work is gorgeous, and he is great to work with. Sarah Hill will also provide great design input.

Tess M

April 13, 2019

Kind, patient, flexible, extremely creative team with customer service being their number one priority. They are gifted at transforming priceless family heirlooms into personal unique wearable stories that keep our beloved family members alive forever. Truly the best.

Elle Simpson

March 20, 2019

The friendly staff at Hamilton Hill helped me make a new wedding band to match my engagement ring after my first one (made at another location) continuously broke. The new band is absolutely gorgeous and I anticipate it will last me a very long time! I've already had tons of compliments on it. Wish I could've gone here the first time around! Would highly recommend.

Taylor Cherry

April 4, 2019

I used Hamilton Hill Jewelry for an engagement ring last month in March. I can't say enough great things about the service or the product. My situation was fairly unique, but Ken and the rest of the staff went above and beyond to make sure that everything worked out for me. I planned a surprise engagement and had a very small window for when I could get the ring all ready. I already had a family diamond, but needed it to be re-set in a different band. Ken helped me pick out a perfect (and affordable) band and assured me that he would be able to re-set the diamond for me on the day that I needed it completed. Turns out, Ken wasn't supposed to work that day. Yet, he came into work anyways just to get engagement ring done in the small timeframe that I had available. This service was fantastic. My fiancé loves the ring. I'd recommend Hamilton Hill to anyone!

David Franklin

April 20, 2019

Always the most personal and customized suggestions. Am a repeat customer, since the year Sara helped us with our engagement ring. Been back 5 times since.