Beddy Bye Bling

Over the years I’ve often been asked if it’s okay to sleep in this or that piece of jewelry. I’d answer politely but think, why would you want to do that? Well, something shifted in me and now I get a big kick out of sleeping in jewelry! What makes the cut? A few pieces are described below:

            Stud earrings of course. Diamonds or whatever. Posts too long and giving you “accidental acupuncture?” We can shorten them!

            Niessing Colette bracelets: Awake or asleep, these are the best for everyday all-the-time. They’re light enough that neither you nor any bedmates will be injured by them should arms be flailing.

            Some delicate necklaces, especially a Niessing coil with small pendants on it. They are very durable and able to withstand some tossing and turning.

            Diamond “tennis” bracelets (stacked with your Colettes of course).

            Anklets! Also made of the durable Niessing coil material!

Wake up with a sparkle and may your dreams be sweeter than ever.

-Sarah, Owner-