Down the Doughnut Hole

Doughnut or tire, call it what you wish, but if you’re like me, you just can’t get enough of this shape. I suppose they aren’t for everybody — finger shape plays a role in the ability to wear a fully round ring – but maybe everyone can admire them.

In my mind’s eye, I’ve been assembling this stack for years. The Danhier diamond doughnut was a 2022 acquisition. (Henrich & Denzel offers a fatter version I greatly admire, too.) The Niessing ‘Performance’ ring was my first doughnut, acquired in 2003 (it’s 4.8mm wide and thick and there is a 5.8 version, too). The Niessing ‘Tapered’ tension ring is a doughnut-wannabe in that it’s round on top but tapered as it moves around the finger.

Some ask how I put my fingers together when wearing my doughnut rings? I cannot, but you know what? That’s overrated and simply not necessary!

Swing by to talk doughnuts, tires, fabulous sculptural round rings or whatever you want to call them!

-Sarah, Owner-