Commitment & Engagement

HHelping you choose your forever ring.

Thank you for allowing us to commune with you as you celebrate special occasions; inherit family treasures; explore personal style; discover the thrill of design in the form of jewelry.

Designing for simplicity requires vision and talent. The styles of the talented designers we work with vary greatly, but the commitment to design integrity and simplicity of form is a common theme. We delight in understanding their influences, learning about their processes and strive to share information and inspiration with you.

Overall, the pleasure you take in the commitment and engagement jewelry we present to you is our motivating force. So, if you’ll make your needs, wishes, and reactions known, we will continue on our mission to serve and delight through well-designed jewelry, passionate and compassionate service.

A tailored experience to you and your needs.

Offering variety is important at Hamilton Hill. This refers to style, materials, and price.

Challenging assumptions is also important at HH. Yes, that’s a ring! And are you sure that isn’t “you?” Really, are you sure?

And advocating for you is an important part of what we do. Doing business is most rewarding when our advice to you is based on what we think will be best for you.

Modernist at our core.

The Hamilton Hill aesthetic begins with simplicity. Simple. Clear. Less is more. Form follows function. These are words to design by. What is the focal point of the piece? Is it sculptural with interesting and appealing lines? Are accent stones going to serve to define and continue the simple, elegant effect?

Traditions here to stay.

Tradition does not mean boring ‘traditional’. Tradition is heirloom, it is sentimental, it is family, it is lovely and sweet. Tradition is not limited to Diamonds and gold. At HH, traditions are not a limited word. Explore the endless possibilities of colored stones, three stone rings, Diamond bands, halos and more.

A custom experience.

With Hamilton Hill custom design services you can create a one-of-a-kind ring for this very special occasion!
Designer-Goldsmiths Ken Weston and Kai Hill and others on the HH team can expertly guide you through the process, perhaps including repurposing stones or inherited pieces you may have. Designer partners Sholdt and Niessing also offer HH clients custom design engagement ring and wedding band opportunities.

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