Niessing eternity 'Memory' Diamond bands (above). Niessing 'High End' Diamond Tension Ring (right).
High End Memories.

Pick your favorite width, how many Diamonds you’d like, and choose Platinum versus Gold (4 color options of 18-karat gold!). Niessing’s ‘Memory’ rings are your memory rings. Always mad sparkly, the setting style reads classic and clean, as expected from the leader in modernist jewelry design. Create Memories and memories with the help of the HH team!

High End indeed! Niessing’s ‘High End’ tension-set ring is high style with tall, proud sides made with precision craftsmanship and luxurious Platinum or golds of many hues. Our Diamond or yours up to 4.00 carats. Worn alone or flanked with bands, this ring soars, reaching high with unencumbered Diamond to make a brilliant statement. As always with modernist design, form and function work together to achieve beauty and strength, both essential to wellbeing.


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