Gold by Niessing


When you think gold, what color do you see? Is it warm? Cool? Soft? Crisp? Bold? Subtle? What are its undertones? What does it remind you of? Niessing’s brilliant 18-karat gold alloys evoke sandy beaches, soft morning sun, dramatic sunsets, the green of early spring, the fading warmth of autumn. Niessing designers and goldsmiths managed to draw a color spectrum from nature’s precious gold that is truly unique, bringing the color wheel of gold full circle.

Explore our curated selection and experience the spectrum of Niessing’s unique gold shades. 

Warm Yellow

Add a hint of orange to yellow gold, arrive beautifully at Niessing’s 22-karat Warm Yellow.

Classic Yellow

If you said it glows, you would be right! Luminous, rich, evocative, and classic indeed. 

Fine Rose

It’s fine — light and crisp — and it’s rosy! With hints of pink and peach, Fine Rose is a lovely addition to jewelry collections heavy on yellow gold or white metals as it offers a wonderful bridge between those stronger hues.


As you might expect, Rosewood has a strong brown component. With a bit of pink on one spectrum, 18-karat Rosewood is unmistakable in its unique and subtle presentation. 

Classic Red

More saturated than fine rose and less brown than Rosewood, 18-karat Classic Red is intensely beautiful and often very flattering to a variety of skin tones.

Spring Green

The name says it all: 18-karat Spring Green gold is bright, crisp, and playful. Though sometimes confused with yellow, Spring Green definitely holds its own.


Cooler and more muted than yellow, 18-karat ivory gold combines the warmth of classic yellow with the clarity of gray. Hard to describe but easy to love, ivory gold offers a fascinating play of colors between light yellow, white, and light green.

Sand Gray

Sand gray comes with the beauty of sand and none of the annoyances! A laid-back tone, it looks particularly beautiful in Colette bracelets and stacking bands where it can play off its other 18-karat gold friends. 

Gray Gold

With palladium rather than nickel in its alloy, gray gold offers warmth to Niessing’s spin on white gold and avoids nickel allergies. When the warm gray tone is right for you — as opposed to icy platinum let’s say — you’ll see it right away! 

Rhodium Gray

High polished or matte finished, gray gold with rhodium plating brings a whiter tone to your 18-karat gray gold. 


Cool, icy, luxurious platinum. Many Niessing pieces are made with the platinum 950 alloy which, with only 5% other materials, is a breath from being entirely pure. Symbolon and some other pieces are available in platinum 1000, meaning the pieces are pure precious platinum. 

Aura Gradient

Aura is what Niessing named its its color-change gold alloy that seamlessly moves from gray gold to red gold. Many Niessing pieces can be created in this lovely, subtle gradient of 18-karat gold. 

Iris Gradient

Named after Greek mythology’s goddess of rainbows, the Iris gradient seamlessly changes from warm yellow to white with several other stops along the way. Many of Niessing’s rings, necklaces, pendants, and more are available in this 18-karat gold rainbow alloy! 

Supla Grenadine

Introducing Supla Grenadine, a beautiful name for a fresh new Niessing gold alloy created for their 150th anniversary! The unusual addition of platinum to the alloy adds a shimmery, translucent glow to its hue. What’s your Supla Grenadine pleasure? We’re here to help you select something special, special like you!