Have you ever wanted to be a work of art?

Perhaps, a painting, a sculpture, a song or even a building? You can be at HH.  Our space is alive with art, curated by Momentum Gallery, located in Asheville, NC.  HH’s international and local designers are often inspired by various artistic mediums, architecture and music. Just to name a few… There is no lack of creativity on the premises.

For example, German designer Niessing’s philosophy has its roots in Bauhaus architecture. Peter Schmid/Atelier Zobel designs sing to each other with harmonious use of unique gemstones and clever mixture of metals.  At t HH you can have it all…. wearable art as well as art for your dwelling.

Express yourself!

Lilla Taylor, jeweler/Gemologist

MICHAEL BARRINGER BLOOMSTONE (RITE OF SPRING I) Mixed media on canvas 48 x 56 inches Copyright The Artist $ 8,000.00
CHRISTIAN BURCHARD ACROBAT Bleached and unbleached madrone burl 27-1/2 x 22 x 11 inches Copyright The Artist $ 9,700.00

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