If you’re in the Durham, NC area, our staff will be happy to inspect, polish, and clean your jewelry any time. We strongly suggest you visit us twice a year for this free service. For out-of-towners and between-visit care, we offer the following guidelines:
Jewelry items should be stored separately to prevent scratching.
Remove jewelry before using strong household chemicals, especially chlorine bleach.
Keep an eye on prongs and other stone settings. Inspect clasps and other components that may be weak spots. We do not recommend the use of at-home ultrasonic cleaners.


can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush using water, rubbing alcohol, or mild detergent. You will notice soap, lotion, skin-oil build-up on your stones, particularly between prongs and other settings. Removing the build-up with the soft toothbrush will work wonders. Diamonds are at their best when cleaned daily.


can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. Emeralds and opals should never be cleaned with a detergent.


should be stored in a soft case and wiped after use with a soft, damp, cloth. When pearls move freely between the knots in the silk cord, or when the cord is frayed, it is time to have them restrung. With frequent wear, this could be necessary yearly. The current restringing charge is $8 per inch. Strands of pearls should not be submerged in water. Never expose pearls to hairspray, perfume or household chemicals. They are organic and will deteriorate if exposed to such chemicals.


can be wiped with a rouge cloth (we can provide) or polishing cloth to remove faint scratches. Platinum cannot be effectively polished at home. Precious metals can be cleaned with mild detergent and water.
Please understand that not all jewelry is suitable for everyday wear. We are available to advise you if you have questions about durability.
Metal surface finishes can be kept up by hand at home using buffing pads and instructions that we provide. With our polishing machine, we can restore finishes a few times a year while you wait. If need be, we will send your jewelry to the designer to achieve a like-new finish.