Jewelry vs Clothes vs Bags vs Shoes

Some people are shoe fiends (I’m looking at you Sarah Jessica Parker), others are bag lovers. Before finding jewelry I was a clothes girl. I love dressing in unique clothing as much as possible. That way, every day has its own look, feeling, and vibe. I love to dress how I feel, and subsequently, look for telling emotions in other’s outfits. Often I catch myself wondering if their purple skirt meant they were feeling tired that day. Or if the red scarf they wore to the dentist was a subtle cry for help.

As all clothing lovers on a budget know, dressing in a different way everyday is hard! It’s hard to innovate the same black skirt with the same 10 tops after a few years. Most importantly, it’s hard to feel content with what you have when the world is throwing ads at you in the name of fashion. And so, I found myself in a spiral of wanting more more more all the time, never really content and more disconnected than ever.

Jewelry is a much slower consumption train. When I treat myself to a piece of jewelry, I enjoy every moment of the journey. I find that I like choosing pieces and saving up almost as much as I enjoy acquiring the piece. I love wearing my jewelry all day and all night (depending on the piece). Double the wear time, double the enjoyment. I love talking with people about their jewelry because almost every piece has a story behind it. Not only does jewelry feel like a sound investment over clothes (because it is), it feels like I am adding to my personal history. The idea of being able to pass my jewelry on someday gives me a real sense of joy. A strange and exciting revelation for me at the age of 27. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still love clothes. Clothes represent the daily motion of life while jewelry represents a sweeter arc of life. Most of all I enjoy jewelry for how it connects me to others, and so for that I am a Jewelry girl through and through. 

Helena, Digital Media Manager