Modernist Commitment & Engagement Jewelry

What is ‘Modernist’ Jewelry?

Differentiating modernist and modern is difficult! Modern refers primarily to time, to current or recent times. Modernism references jewelry, sculpture, architecture, etc., developed through commitment to specific principles that constitute a design movement and generally push away from traditional expectations and into a new, sometimes challenging aesthetic. Modernist jewelry in the context of HH is the attention to architecture, color and proportion and the playfulness to push those boundaries.



The modern couple chose modernist wedding bands. One will be worn alongside Niessing’s ‘Round’ tension ring, an indisputable modernist design icon, creating a thoroughly modernist look; the other will be stacked with a traditional, inherited gold band, newly matte finished, creating a fresh, modern look.

The 'Tenda' Ring

You don't have to be a center-stone person

You won’t believe your eyes. Modernist jewelry, influenced by the Bauhaus school and design movement, can be all about play and JOY!

What on earth is a tension ring?

A ring with nothing underneath the stone and in which the stone appears to float. A highly technical ring that could more aptly be named a pressure or suspension ring. A ring that will securely hold your Diamond! A ring style that embodies the “less is more” design aesthetic first created in the 1970s at Niessing that has now been modern for 50 years.

Let’s discuss which of these spectacular rings is right for you! (And we further discuss the manufacturing, too!)


Challenging Perceptions.

Remember: Modernist design does not equal austere or cold. In its simplicity (a design challenge much greater than liberally adding on), minimalist design can be soothing and profound. You may have to quiet your mind and adjust your way of seeing and knowing to be able to perceive it, the form, but it invites you and makes space for you to do just that. That is the Point!