Repairs, Restorations, Remembrances

It’s all about service. But there is more to it than that.  

When taking in a piece of your jewelry for repair, restoration, or simply to clean it, we at Hamilton Hill are acutely aware that sentiment often contributes as much to the value as the market value of the materials. If you have inherited jewelry from family members, you may find they help keep memories alive. Some pieces have great intrinsic value and that’s obvious. In other cases, the primary value is based on your recall of a loved one wearing it or the gesture of the gift. Whatever motivates you to bring an inherited item to us, know that all receive the same respect and dedication to thorough inspection, evaluation, and quality workmanship.

As a goldsmith with over 50 years’ experience and as a person who loves jewelry and gemstones, I assure you that I will always treat your jewelry with respect and apply our highest standard of service. My colleague, metalsmith and maker Kai Hill, adheres to this same mission and promise!

-Ken, Chief Goldsmith-