Sarah – Claire – Sarah

My mother Claire was sandwiched between two fashion- and jewelry-loving Sarahs, her mother and moi. She left me several pieces of jewelry that I wear often. The three rings shown here – and her gold wedding band that I never remove — have all been sized for my pinky finger. Mixing them in with the modern HH look is lots of fun. Mom Claire also loved HH pieces and owned Ribeiro hoops (see below), a Vignelli watch, Niessing Acrobat and Abakus rings, Tahitian pearls and more. Thanks for shopping at HH, Mom! And thanks, Grandmother Sarah, for letting me play in your women’s “dress shop” (as we used to say) which surely gave me the retail bug. Those were fun times … the cash register ka-ching, the scary mannequins in the attic, the “foundations” which freaked me out (you know, bras and girdles!!!), and all the nice people from Mt. Sterling, KY that they served.

More about Sarah Ray Cohen to come some day!

–Sarah Hill │Owner