Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry

It’s about that time of year in Durham when the thick blanket of yellow pollen settles on literally everything and anything. If you do not live in Durham, NC, think of dumping your entire life/self/car into a vat of powdered bee pollen daily for one or two weeks every year 🙂 . Some call this special time Spring, I generally refer to it as allergy season. Allergy season is the perfect time to stay inside and clean clean clean. Indoor projects, big and small, are perfect for when the yellow is raging.  

Friendly reminder To Dos:

– Bring your jewelry to Hamilton Hill for maintenance cleaning and checking.

– Bring your broken or unworn pieces to HH for repair or re-working.

– Clean your jewelry box.

– Organize jewelry so that you will reach for it more.

– Breathe life into your jewelry wardrobe with a new piece or two.

– Get an oil change.

Stay safe out there my allergy prone friends and to the rest of you, HAPPY SPRING!!!!


Helena, Associate Curator