Report from Inhorgenta 2024!

Thanks for following along with me as I attended Inhorgenta, HH’s favorite trade “fair” (we say
show, they say fair) held annually in Munich! What does Inhorgenta mean? I’m fairly certain it’s
a made-up word, but to HH it means InOurElement!
Since first attending in the early 2000s, Hamilton Hill has risen to “Top International Buyer”
status, allowing us red-carpet treatment which we love (who wouldn’t?). Fine hotels, chauffeur-
driven sedans, lovely lounges, parties, and more are at our disposal. Designers, makers, and
manufacturers nominate us for this category; they know the HH client has a sophisticated eye
with a great appreciation for quality and innovation. HH is typically one of very few, if any,
American jewelers present, signaling our commitment to high-end, classic and modernist
German design.
Is it all German? No, there are stone dealers, machine sellers, packaging experts and jewelry
designers from elsewhere. Patterns for some of our designers have changed in that Spaniards
Majoral and Arior, Brazilian Antonio Bernardo, and others non-German designers no longer
attend. This is no reflection on Inhorgenta, again, just changing patterns of business and travel.
Some ideas are incubated in Germany and first shown at Inhorgenta. Those include highly
innovative and seemingly impossible stone setting and manufacturing techniques (e.g.,
Schaffrath, Heinz, Niessing). Handmade chains are also a German specialty, and the number of
massive chains from Emil Krauss and others was major this year. This year I noticed quite a few
paper clip chains from traditional styles to innovative riffs, delicate engagement rings, and many
a gold hoop earring. Those trends, along with the chunky gold chains, likely emerged from the
Excited HH clients often ask: What did you bring home?! The answer is sorry, nothing yet. We
are not allowed to carry jewelry home with us; it must be shipped through official channels.
Furthermore, in 99% of cases, the HH team helps me confirm choices. Of course we want it all,
and we want it now, but we must be sensible and choose wisely. Thus far, associate curator
Helena Gates and I have confirmed with Sabine Müller and Schaffrath. We’ve commissioned
special pieces for clients from Emil Krauss (new to HH), Jörg Heinz, and Georg Spreng. We’re
still sorting through Niessing, Gellner, Henrich + Denzel, and more.
In closing, I should add that the Inhorgenta team goes the extra kilometer with stunning hall
design, excellent educational presentations and displays, hilarious and clever stunts (see the
shrub people!), and so much more. This is a first-class operation.
Thanks again for your interest in our process of curating the best of the best for the best clients
any jeweler could dream of.

-Sarah Hill, Owner