Stacking Earrings

We all watch trends come and go like fast cars on a highway. I know I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to conform to a fad, only to feel silly and regretful as it zooms off leaving us with low rise jeans, one piercing too many, or most recently, with no eyebrows. Many stylists lean on the phrase “Fashion is temporary, style is forever,” but humans are born to change and experiment. The trick is finding what makes you feel good, and to keep checking in with what ‘good’ means over time as our bodies, minds, and lives change. I have noticed recently that the early aughts have left many people with more piercings than they currently know what to do with, but I say let’s work with what you’ve got! Layering earrings can elevate any casual look by adding texture, color, and a baseline of jewelry that becomes the staple of your everyday style. My goal when layering earrings is subtle asymmetry, and understated elegance with a splash of edginess. I recommend a simple graduated set of diamonds or small ball studs in the metal color that you gravitate most to. The smallest looks best in the highest piercing, and then slightly larger as you get toward your primary lobe piercing. Leave those open for a larger and bolder earring (See Antonio Bernardo for some of my favorites). If you have an orbital, or helix piercing (also known as a cartilage piercing), opt for a simple, thin gold hoop. This is elegant and subtle, yet maintains the edginess that the piercing originally tempted you with. For added pierce-less asymmetry, try the Antonio Bernardo ear cuff (shown in picture 3,4,5 below). The general idea is that your additional earrings should be the supporting singers to the main show (your main earrings). Don’t let them drown out your soloist.
Most importantly, keep your earrings clean! This is your friendly reminder to take your earrings out and clean them thoroughly in warm soapy water with a soft toothbrush. The time is now, and also again in a few months. 

-Kai, Goldsmith-