Tangled Chain Therapy

I am here to talk to you about tangled chains. We’ve all been there. You put a chain in your make-up bag or your jewelry box while getting ready for a trip and you think “Hmmm this might tangle. Nah whatever it will be fine.” Lo and behold your chain grows arms and teeth and becomes completely belligerent. Maybe it even gathers accomplices.

While you can bring them to me to undo with the help of tweezers and a microscope (I am one of those strange people that appreciates a good untangle challenge), you can also take a few simple steps to prevent it from happening in the first place.


Step one: make sure the necklace clasp is closed securely (nothing more tangly than two loose ends)

Step two: Place a portion of the chain in a little ziplock baggie. Zip it shut over the chain to keep it separate from itself.

Step three: Roll the baggie like a Fruit Roll-Up™ and secure the roll with a tiny hair tie or by putting it in another little bag. 

Bonus step: Brag about how neat your chains are to your friends and spread the word!


Kai, Goldsmith