Traditions. Here to stay.

Style and Sentiment.

You, modern you, may adore a look that is traditional, vintage, or antique. If so, embrace those traditions and preferences and choose accordingly from our designer styles or custom designs. 

Do bear with us if we encourage you to try on something — a  color, a style, a finish, a stone — you don’t expect to like. We’ve been doing this for a while and have some bright ideas up our sleeves! You are all different, and you should all have something special that feels just right.

Furrer Jacot

Band together!

Do you prefer a band-style ring to a ring with a prominent center stone? Or maybe this is the first time you’ve thought about it. We are asked “is this okay?” and the answer is yes! Will a band be more comfortable for you based on your work or hobbies? Or do you just love the look? It may also suit you better given your current relationship. Low-key or sparkle city, bands are the norm in many countries.

Family values.

Your traditional taste may reflect cultural influences, including what your parents wore, what your peers are wearing, or what you’ve always dreamed of. When it’s time to try on rings, you’ll learn what best suits you. You’ll discover what’s flattering to your hands, coloring, and personal style, and even what suits your outlook and spirit.

Four-prong engagement ring

Cherished heirlooms.

Perhaps you’ve been gifted a ring, a stone, a piece to be repurposed. In that case, we’ll discuss how to make it yours. Perhaps you’ll be wearing a family piece, honoring those who came before you, connecting with them through your jewelry. Jewelry is good like that! Start with good (enough) quality, take good care of it, have an heirloom piece to love and cherish.

Precious symbols of love.

Across continents and cultures, simple gold (or platinum) bands say “I’m married!” To fit the bill, Hamilton Hill clients frequently choose the Benchmark’s ‘European Comfort-Fit” bands in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. Some choose high polish, others prefer a matte or brushed finish. The profile of this ring makes it comfortable and modern looking. Also popular are bands from Niessing’s wedding band system, among others. Engraving inside the ring, a free option, personalizes your ring for posterity!

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