Wedding Bands

Of all the wedding band joints in all of the towns in all of the world, you chose ours, and we are beyond grateful. We take special care to present styles for all tastes, from alternative to classic to modernist and more. HH also offers several avenues for custom-designed wedding bands: Many of our designer partners’ (such as Niessing’s) styles can be modified to fit your vision and we offer in-house custom design for those who dream beyond. Let’s explore!

Below are nine wedding bands standouts to get your heart pumping. 


The ‘Aura’ Ring

‘Aura’ is the name of this proprietary Niessing color gradient of 18-karat gold that seamlessly changes from gray gold to red gold. If you and your love both like ‘Aura’ bands but have varied preferences on width, profile, or finish, you can match but have personalized touches.

Timber Collection Rings

Calling all xylophiles (people who love wood!). Our in-house master goldsmith, Ken Weston, crafts one-of-a-kind bands with stabilized wood, sleeves of silver, and rims of gold or platinum. You may choose from many great looking wood colors and patterns, and the rings come in various profiles and widths, too. What does your heart desire?


The EUCF Ring

Benchmark’s European Comfort Fit ring has won a place in our hearts and our wedding band collection. A favorite at HH for many years, this comfortable and handsome profile comes in platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold and is offered in various widths and finishes. The classic EUCF says ‘I DO’ in a classic and current way.

‘Memory’ Ring

Select the number of diamonds your heart desires. Also select their size and one of the many Niessing golds or platinum. Design a delicate ring or make a bold, perhaps standalone, statement. Thank you, Niessing, for this impeccably designed sparkler!  

‘Satellite Orbit’ Ring

With this ring, you’ll always have sparkle in your orbit. The ‘Satellite Orbit’ ring by Niessing reads subtle and statement due to the surprise diamonds on the side. Various widths, diamond placements, metal colors and finishes are available. The setting style here is mod, unusual, a delight to see on your hand every day. 

Kai Hill Metalsmithing Ring 

“Casually luxurious” is how maker Kai Hill refers to her heavily textured gold bands, including this one and others from her Hewn collection. The texture adds richness and interest to her rings. Choose from our KHM collection or commission your unique band.    

Tantalum Bands

Number 73 on the periodic table, Tantalum was named after Tantalus in Greek mythology. Hard and lustrous and available in a gray or black, it is handsome on its own or paired with gold (yellow, rose, or white). With many styles to choose from, it is easy to find something that suits you to a T. 

Diamond Doughnut Ring

Maybe you just love doughnuts. Maybe you just love Diamonds. This ring is sweet, that’s for sure. It is nonstop sparkle and given its height, flushes beautifully with tall or thick engagement rings and other bands. (HH clients have chosen it to accompany, among others, Niessing tension rings and Henrich + Denzel sculptural rings). Christophe Danhier will create this in yellow or rose gold or platinum for you!

‘Performance’ Ring

We never tire of talking about the Niessing ‘Performance’ ring. Each one begins life as a pristine round- or oval-profile ring. Designed to encourage denting and dinging through its thickness, high-karat gold, and clever engineering, it becomes more beautiful and engaging as you wear it. It becomes more you. Available in two profiles, several widths, and two metal combinations, Performance always steals the show.

-Helena/ Associate curator/Buyer/Digital Media Manager

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