Custom Design at Hamilton Hill Jewelry

Are you creative? Overflowing with good ideas? Or could you use handholding in that department? Either way, the Hamilton Hill team will help you make your custom design jewelry dreams come true. HH clients have a ball working with designer goldsmiths Ken Weston and Kai Hill on custom pieces! If you want to incorporate stones, we can use yours, ours, or a combination. You are invited to make an appointment with Ken or Kai, or brainstorm with Sarah Hill.

Custom offerings at HH include:

– Using your stones to create fresh jewelry for this era of YOU.

– Re-setting your Diamond into a new ring.

– Some of our designers will work with clients stones. If you see a pendant or bracelet you like from one of our designers, let us know!

– Sketching a new idea for you from scratch or with guidance from you. We can execute your dream piece!

– Re-stringing pearls to accommodate the international ‘Vario’ clasp system.

– Custom engraved / sentimental jewelry for yourself or loved ones.

Bring your ideas, your stones, your scrap gold (you can put that toward your custom design pieces). Let’s talk! Let’s get creative. So much fun.