Your Time to Shine!

Having arrived with wisdom and gravitas at age 50 and beyond, we are faced with changes that constrain and require management (I never dreamed all that was predicted would happen to me!). On the positive side, we are given great opportunity and liberation. We can walk into a room, literal or figurative, and own it with well-cut and cared for white hair. We can smile and celebrate the lines around our eyes*. We can joyfully and proudly walk a city street in a coat of many colors, broadbrimmed hats, and red lipstick. And we can rock some big, scene-stealing jewelry such as Niessing Lucia, Gellner pearls, Antonio Bernardo earrings.


*Lines Around Your Eyes (Lucinda Williams from “Sweet Old World”).

Will it be pricey? If you’d like, sure! But it doesn’t have to be.

Will it take a minute to get used to? Yes, one or two minutes or three days and then POW. You’re off to the races.

Will people in your orbit take notice? Yes, and they’ll respect your message: I’m wearing bolder jewelry to bring more joy to myself, and I’ll share it with you, my besties and beloveds, my grandchildren, my new lovers. Who can’t enjoy looking at glowing gemstones from Georg Spreng, sparkling diamonds from Henrich + Denzel, Rapunzel rows of Gellner pearls, earrings with Flow from Bernardo, sexy hoops from Niessing, sculptural rings and things proudly formed to be admired from every angle. The strength of a confident woman with statement jewelry is powerful, enchanting, memorable.

Let’s manage those post-50 annoyances (sunscreen, lotion, and lipstick ladies!) and draw attention to our features, strength, and joy.

–Sarah Hill

Owner | Graduate Gemologist