First Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to get your loved one this year?

Need a little something sparkly under the tree?

Love is not always about ‘things’, we know. However, sometimes an heirloom quality piece of jewelry is the perfect reminder. A small token of love with every wear. This Hamilton Hill Holiday Gift Guide is meant to help you navigate the ever increasing sea of gift options on our site and beyond. For 21 years we have curated our jewelry suggestions to our clients and now we would like to bring you in on the tradition! At the end of the day, we want all of our jewelry recipients to glow inside and out in their Hamilton Hill jewelry. Here are the top ten (unique) picks that we think every jewelry lover should have in their collection! 

Need more than just 10 choices? Visit our jewelry page here.

Gellner Pearl Strand

Price Range $1,500-$25,000+-

Pearls no longer have to feel stuffy or ‘too formal’ for everyday wear. The addition of Tahitian, Fijian, or Marutean pearls to your/their collection is the perfect way to add glowing texture to any look. These beauties can be worn on their own or stacked with other necklaces (the HH uniform). Gellner pearls are not your grandma’s pearls (well maybe they are if your grandma shops at HH). They are day to night pearls. Denim overalls to ballgown pearls in the blink of an eye. 

Antonio Bernardo ‘Relax’ Silver Earrings

Price $330

The adequately named ‘Relax’ Silver earrings by Antonio Bernardo elegantly sway from side to side with every move. Lightweight and matte finished, these earrings are almost sure to bring a relaxed smile to the wearers face. These earrings are also available in Yellow Gold for approximately $1,800.

Niessing Embrace ‘C’ Charm Bracelet

Price Range $1,400-$3,200

This Hamilton Hill staple will not be going anywhere any time soon. We love this bracelet for its sleek design and its all-day every-day wearability. The Niessing Colette ‘C’ can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets. Easy to sleep in, so easy to love. 

Carl Dau Steel Navette Earrings

Price Range $175-$990

If you know, you know. These Carl Dau Stainless Steel Earrings have been with us for a long time (since 2007!). They simply never fail… If you or someone you know needs an everyday earring, look no further. They come in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and Stainless Steel so that you have one for every outfit.

Gellner Macrame Pearl Bracelet

Price Range $305-$735

Looking for lowkey and stackable? The Gellner macrame bracelets are perfect gifts for mom, dad, aunt, uncle, kid, friend, self. Each pearl is carefully selected and matched to a complimentary color of nylon. The bracelets are also adjustable so you are off the hook for having to know anyone’s wrist size! Lucky you.

André Ribeiro Rubber and Diamond Midi- Hoops

Price Range $500-$1,200+-

You may not have come to us thinking you would walk out with literal tire rubber jewelry…Yet here we are! German designer André Ribeiro specializes in setting his Diamonds into White Gold bezels that are then set into black rubber. The contrast in color and texture is fabulously striking. Be ready for questions and compliments! 

Niessing Filo D’Oro Necklace

Pendant Price Range $1,100 -$3,600+

Coil Price range $1,100-$1,700 +-

If you know, you know. The Niessing Filo D’Oro (meaning layers of gold) has been with us for as long as Hamilton Hill Jewelry has been in business. This exquisite pendant comes in three sizes, small, medium and large (pictured). You can rock the big one we promise! The tightly spun 18-karat gold  disc sits on an 18-karat coil necklace that is also well loved at HH for its versatility and modernist look. The Niessing Filo D’oro necklace is simply one of the most awe inspiring pieces we have ever seen. Period.

Antonio Bernardo Gold ‘Delta’ Hoop Earrings

Price $1,770

Hoops are some of the easiest earrings to sport around. They are versatile and classic elevating any and every look. The AB ‘Delta’ midi-hoops are everything mentioned above plus +++. They add a matte finish and a little bit of triangular interest without taking away from that lovely smile.

Atelier Zobel Two-Tone Cuff Bracelet

Price Range $4,000-$30,000+

If this is a milestone year for you we might suggest treating yourself or your loved one to an Atelier Zobel cuff bracelet. These impeccable works of art are masterpieces of Gold, Silver, Diamonds, large colored gemstones and everything in-between. Don’t let the size deter you, many of our clients say that it will start to feel small when you are enjoying it everyday 🙂

Sabine Müller Ring

Price $865

Maybe your jewelry lover already has everything. Maybe you need something that will make them say “wow cool”. Sabine Müller’s pieces are wow and they are cool. Her pieces range from silver to oxidized silver to gold and her use of juicy gemstones, polygon shapes and textures are hard to miss. Power ring? Happy ring? Most definitely.

These are just a few pieces of our many designers to choose from. If you are located in the Durham area (North Carolina) visit us in the Brightleaf Square courtyard at 905 West Main Street Durham NC, 27701. If you are purchasing from afar we love that too! We ship nationally 2nd day or overnight FedEx (terms and conditions may apply). Call or text us at (919)-683-1474 and we would be happy to help you any time of year.

-Helena, Digital Media Manager