Easter Eggs for Adults

When I was a kid, I loved coloring Easter eggs. Back in the day our
choices were slim – we had only Paas fizzy tablets mixed with vinegar and
water and a cool wax crayon to write a “secret” message on the egg before
it went into the cup. Perhaps my memory has made the colors (and the
event) a little brighter, but I seem to remember that they were vivid and
easy to find once they were hidden. Now, alas, I don’t color, hide, or hunt
hard-boiled eggs. Instead, I come to Hamilton Hill and play dress-up in
Easter egg-colored rings and earrings by Georg Spreng. Aquamarine,
Citrine, Morganite, Tourmalines, Tanzanite…yellow or red gold, platinum…
so many delicious, vivid, happy choices. Come to HH and join in the fun of
finding your very own adult “egg!”

-Kaiya | Executive Assistant/Office Manager

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