How many times have you heard that 24-karat gold should not be used for jewelry because it’s too soft and shows every blemish? What if I told you that there is a ring at Hamilton Hill that has an inner layer of platinum and an outer layer of 24-karat gold specifically designed to show every ding, dent, or scratch? Niessing’s Performance Ring may not be the most eye-catching, classically beautiful piece of jewelry at Hamilton Hill, but it just may be the most special.

When I began working at HH, I was overwhelmed (and sometimes still am) at how gorgeous some of the pieces are – especially the ones with big, glittery stones! One day, I noticed a “plain” gold ring and I asked Sarah about it. She pointed out that she was wearing one; however, hers looked nothing like the one in the case. That one was round, very high and a little dull looking; Sarah’s was flat and shiny and looked like it had been pounded with a mallet – it was stunning! She told me that the purpose of this ring is to portray the performance of our lives.

Everything I do with my hand makes a tiny “scar” on that ring. Some of those marks come from doing happy things, some from hard things, and some from sadness or anger. The great thing is, I don’t know exactly which is which – they all just make my ring more and more beautiful. It bears witness to the performance of MY life and when I look at it, I am reminded of what a full life I’m living.

-Kaiya Levine