Coils are Cool!

Ah, the ingenious Niessing coil*. What would I have worn for the last twenty-two years without it? Once in a blue moon, you’ll find me without my coils, or fewer than usual, but most days and nights I’m all coiled up.

My love affair began with the coil necklace in 2001, the year HH opened and introduced Durham to Niessing. I wore Diamond spheres, the ‘Shape-It’** pendant, and flower disks on it.

Soon the coil bracelets followed. This was pre-Colette (Colettes have spheres ), so we always wore the bracelets with clasps that opened.

The bracelets inspired my anklet that followed in 2003 (anklets must have a clasp that opens, it’s not going over your foot!). It can be worn all year, even under boots, but this is its favorite time of year! I’m wearing a tiny platinum/24K reversible flower disk on it. Diamond spheres and Princess are awesome on it, too! (I got a 10-inch coil for my ankle.)

The hoop earrings (aka ‘creoles’) were introduced a couple of years ago. We have the 57mm (large) pair which make a big ol’ statement. They’re in heavy rotation with my Linear hoops. And as always, soooo many colors to choose from!

The rings are darling stacked with each other or other friends. And the new Colette Embrace C ring can have charms added to it!

Lastly, coils aren’t just for women…. Photos of others in coil bracelets and necklaces to come soon! Meanwhile, consider them for Father’s Day!

*Ingenious details include: an unobtrusive, once-patented clasp; retains its shape (you can sleep in them); 18-karat gold in 10+ colors or platinum wrapped tighter than tight around nylon center.

**If you have one of these, cling to it. They’re discontinued. I sold mine … sad sad sad.

-Sarah, Owner-

Coil creole earrings
Spheres in Solaris color gradient
Iris Flower Disks
Coil Rings